Portfolio Career Workshop

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Create Your Profitable Portfolio Career


Multitalented. Multifaceted. Multi-passionate.


These terms describe folks who have many interests they’re keen to pursue and many unique skills they want to share with the world.


Maybe they describe you?


I regularly meet women who want to create a flexible work-life where they have the freedom to explore their many passions. But they aren’t sure how to thrive in a career where they’re doing more than one thing.


There is a proven career system that provides the ultimate flexibility to work in many realms. It’s known as a Portfolio Career, where you have multiple income streams making up your full-time salary and workweek.


Portfolio Careers are well suited to moms who want to ditch the 9-to-5, too! And you don’t necessarily have to become an entrepreneur to make a Portfolio Career work.


In this workshop, I’m sharing the steps that will help you create a profitable Portfolio Career for yourself.


In this session, you’ll:


  • Explore different revenue-generating options that will contribute to your Portfolio.
  • Learn to reduce low leverage activities so you can focus on what’s important.
  • Hear about other moms who are thriving in their successful Portfolio Career.
  • Strategize on how to get started.


Have you ever considered that you might be doing the world a disservice with your single- focus career? Maybe we’re missing out on a big, beautiful part of you!


If you know deep down that there’s more to you than one occupation, you owe it to yourself to join this online workshop.

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P.S. You can potentially earn even more income than you do now when you set yourself up with a smart Portfolio Career!!


Join me and finally create the career and life you’re looking for. This webinar will be recorded and shared so you can view it later, but you must register in advance!


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Career Support That Changed Everything For Me!!

I wanted to send along a recommendation and HUGE endorsement for CareerFit Mom. Beth helped me move from a stay-at-home mom who wanted to find a job I loved (that fit with my family), to a mom with a dreamy career that fulfills me and works for my life and loved ones.

Beth’s expertise, coaching, connections, and understanding of a mom’s reality had more impact on me than I ever could have imagined!


About Beth Yarzab

With a background in Executive Recruitment and Human Resources, Beth reinvented her own career after having twins in 2006. Facilitating a community of women in pursuit of personal growth and professional achievement, Beth works with both individuals and groups of mothers in career transition.

Beth loves building your confidence through effective interview preparation, networking best practices, and job search strategies. Collaborating to create winning resumes and cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and career identity statements, Beth brings out the best in people to help them shine professionally.

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