Fitness Coaching for Working Moms

A mom’s guide to fitness that feels do-able and joyful.

Go from Unmotivated to Active.

Learn to prioritize exercise as part of your high performance at home, and professionally!

Weight Neutral Fitness

Feel awesome in your body and watch what else opens up for you!

Live classes on Zoom plus on-demand workouts.

Designed to help you perform well in all areas of your life!

About CareerFit Mom

Beth is a working mom with twin daughters. In her corporate life she develops career and education products for the fitness industry.

She's also an entrepreneur with a career coaching background.

“If you’re looking to become more active, take a virtual class with Beth.

If you’re considering fitness as a career, a side hustle, or even a personal growth opportunity, take a certification with Beth.

If you’re interested in becoming part of a crew of strong women, join Beth’s fitness community! You will be grateful that you did.”

Sharon Ferriss

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