Life Coaching Program

A 10-week accelerator program that incorporates

  • professional growth
  • physical fitness
  • and mindset shifts

…to get you out of overwhelm and into your fulfilling life!

The CareerFit Life Coaching Program is an intensive program for women who are looking for personal growth impacts on all areas of their lives. It’s for women who are open to self-reflection and engaging with their inner voice to build their confidence.

Sharing her full roster of career-development, fitness, and lifestyle tools, Beth facilitates small group learning to amplify your growth.

The program also includes one-to-one coaching each month so Beth can customize strategies that will support and encourage you to achieve your goals.

To build your physical fitness, you’ll have access to a library of body-positive workout videos that anyone, at any level, can feel awesome doing.

Sessions are Tuesdays 6:30 pm EST

Jan 21st to Mar 24th

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How it works:

  • Every week we’ll come together on a Zoom webcam call to study and apply ideas that support professional and physical health: a habit-changing technique, a productivity hack, a mindset tool.

  • We spend 2 weeks on each topic.

  • The first week will introduce the topic and we’ll discuss ways to incorporate it into your life.

  • The second week we will MasterMind the topic – meaning we will celebrate your wins and overcome obstacles harnessing the combined power of our group.

Modules Include:

  1. Your Thought Formula
  2. Gratitude
  3. Planning Is Freedom
  4. Abundance
  5. Belief


  • Worksheets for each module.
  • One-to-one coaching each month with Beth to work privately on your individual goal.
  • Accountability.
“Beth’s coaching helped me move from being a stay-at-home mom who wanted to find a job I loved (that fit with my family), to a mom with a dreamy career that fulfills me and works for my life and loved ones.

The small investment I made in Beth’s services had a gigantic impact. I sincerely believe her company is the only one that truly understands the reality of being a parent, balancing family needs, aspiring to have a job you love and getting real results.”


How do you want to feel in ten weeks?

If you want to feel more content, productive, confident, challenged and engaged in your life, this is a great opportunity for you. The work we’re doing will help you foster a more positive, energized outlook— all while up-leveling your network and community.

Payment Plan

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About Beth Yarzab

With a background in Executive Recruitment and Human Resources, Beth reinvented her own career after having twins in 2006. Facilitating a community of women in pursuit of personal growth and professional achievement, Beth works with both individuals and groups of mothers in career transition.

Beth loves building your confidence through effective interview preparation, networking best practices, and job search strategies. Collaborating to create winning resumes and cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and career identity statements, Beth brings out the best in people to help them shine professionally.

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