Commitment Primer

A Commitment Primer to Support Your Goal Achieving

Many of us honour the commitments we make to other people before the ones we make to ourselves.
As you embark on your personal growth journey (career change / health goal) you must strengthen your self-integrity muscle.
When you commit to engaging in self-care first thing in the morning, you’re showing up as someone who values herself. You are proving that you’re deserving and worthy of reaching your goals.
This Commitment Primer worksheet will help you progress towards your goal in an effortless and joyful way!
““You’ve got such a good thing going with your fitness classes. I was never a big fitness class person prior to having kids, I did only solo types of exercise and workouts except for tennis. But I’m loving your classes – your energy and attitude are inspiring, and the vibe of moms/women coming together for exercise and a chit-chat is right on. I believe!””
Jessica Scott

About Beth Yarzab

With a background in Executive Recruitment and Human Resources, Beth reinvented her own career after having twins in 2006. Facilitating a community of women in pursuit of personal growth and professional achievement, Beth works with both individuals and groups of mothers in career transition.

Beth loves building your confidence through effective interview preparation, networking best practices, and job search strategies. Collaborating to create winning resumes and cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and career identity statements, Beth brings out the best in people to help them shine professionally.

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