Exercise is so important when you’re experiencing any type of stressful life event.

If you’re going through a separation or divorce, you may feel a complete loss of control in your life. With so much uncertainty you need the support that a movement practice gives you. It may be the only thing that you feel you have control of! Elisabeth Parsons is a coach who helps women during their marriage break-up. She’s also a fitness pro, like me! In this episode, you’ll learn easy, accessible ways to use fitness as a self-care tool, especially when you’re going through the stress of your relationship ending.


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Elisabeth Parsons is an amazing coach who helps women find themselves during the stress of a marriage break-up. She went through a high conflict divorce 12 years ago. At the time she was a stay-at-home mother to four boys.


Now on the other side of her separation experience, Elisabeth is helping other women during this challenging time. Her coaching company is called The Separation Club https://www.theseparationclub.com. She helps women by giving them hope and igniting their self-discovery. Elisabeth provides solutions to the many overwhelming issues a marriage break-up creates.


We know fitness is key to self-care. Exercise is an important way to take care of yourself, especially when life is turned upside down. It will help you feel empowered when the experience of your separation may be beating you down.


Our Top Tips for Harnessing the Healing Nature of Fitness during Your Separation Journey:


It’s important to include movement into your week with self-compassion. It’s not an “all-or-nothing” experience. If you miss a workout because of a last-minute appointment or stressful situation, be kind to yourself. Stuff comes up. You didn’t do anything wrong by missing fitness in order to manage a situation. Plan the next workout so you have something coming up that will allow you to de-stress.


Start in a gentle way, especially if you haven’t been exercising for a while. Walks are a perfect place to start.


Try using a soothing mantra while you exercise. Breathe and repeat to yourself: “Calm mind, calm body. Calm body, calm mind.”


Schedule in your exercise. Even if it’s just 15-minutes, put it in your calendar and it is more likely to happen!


You can use exercise as a release of emotion. Check-in with yourself to understand what movement will be helpful. Feeling overwhelmed or sad? Yoga is a nice solution. Feeling angry and frustrated? Perhaps hitting a punching bag at the gym will remove that pent-up energy.


Self-care creates a healthy self-image. You’re strengthening your self-worth muscle when you treat your body with kindness. Planning and following through on exercise creates neurological pathways that imprint your self-worth. Then in the future, you are only going to accept kind behavior from others.


Stay busy during any free weekends or evenings when your ex-partner has the kids by engaging in exercise. It may feel very empty to send your kids to your ex. Fill yourself up energetically with movement so you’re not ruminating about missing them, or what’s happening at their other parent’s house.


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