How does your career change when you divorce your partner?


In this episode, I interview my friend Elisabeth Parsons from The Separation Club to unpack career situations for women going through a marriage break-up. This episode will help women who are going through a divorce to thrive professionally and accelerate their earning potential. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom who needs to re-enter the workforce, or you’re currently employed, a divorce changes so much. Our conversation will guide you through your career considerations during your marriage break-up.

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Elisabeth Parsons went through a high conflict divorce 12 years ago. At the time she was a stay-at-home mother to four boys. She found herself dealing with the emotional turmoil of her marriage break-up and needing to return to the workforce. Elisabeth developed a career in fitness, first as a Personal Trainer and eventually as the owner of a thriving business (Core Expectations) with multiple trainers serving clients in their homes.


Now on the other side of her separation experience, Elisabeth is helping other women during this challenging time. Her coaching company is called The Separation Club. She helps women by giving them hope and igniting their self-discovery. Elisabeth provides solutions to the many overwhelming issues a marriage break-up creates.


In our conversation, Elisabeth taps into the healing process a woman experiences during her separation and how that can spark the interest to change careers. “Typically, when a woman goes through a divorce, she is not content to stay unhappy in any part of her life. If her job doesn’t feel happy, she knows she must make a change. The quest for joy after years of unhappiness in a marriage is what drives them.”


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