A Portfolio Career is when you have multiple income streams making up your full-time salary and workweek. If you have multiple passions and it’s hard to pin down one career path, a Portfolio Career provides the ultimate flexibility to work in many realms.

It is crucial to pursue the highest income-producing opportunities to increase your profitability and avoid burn out. Jocelyn Settle has done just that.

Jocelyn successfully created a financially abundant Portfolio Career that is driven by her deeper purpose of contributing to a healthier world. She is a leader in Beautycounter, a direct-retail company that sells cleaner, safer skincare and cosmetics. She’s also a yoga instructor, previously an opera singer and an RMT.

Jocelyn created a lifestyle that allows her to be very available to her two young children while also managing her career. Learn from Jocelyn about how to earn significant income from Beautycounter, or a similar business, and how a Portfolio Career that’s aligned with your purpose is rewarding on so many levels.

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Beautycounter is about countering the unregulated beauty industry in North America. For Jocelyn, she is also countering the stigma that exists around the direct-retail business model.

Jocelyn sees herself as a wellness educator. She teaches yoga, and in the past taught anatomy courses to other yoga instructors. She also worked as a Registered Massage Therapist. Her focus on wellness works so well with Beautycounter, which is an education and advocacy company first.

To learn more about Beautycounter’s advocacy work, and why you deserve better ingredients in your products, please watch this short video on YouTube.

Jocelyn’s Top Tips for Creating Your Profitable Portfolio Career:

  • Explore what income-producing opportunities are related to your values and interests. What are you already doing, or what have you done in the past, that you can extend into other revenue-generating activities?


  • Follow your heart – there are opportunities to do purposeful work even if you have a full-time career in another area


  • Get support – surround yourself with people who have been successful, be coachable and be open to learning


  • Time block! Use systems to optimize your productivity


  • Be proud of what you’re doing and how you’re growing – share with your friends, family, and network and don’t be afraid to ask for their support


  • Stretch out of your comfort zone. Learn new skills by doing new things. It’s about being confident in your conversations about how you help. It’s not “salesy” to want to help others, from an authentic place


  • You can make the different pieces of your Portfolio Career as big or as small as you like. Be deliberate in your goal setting with each line of income. Push yourself through the fear because that’s where the biggest growth occurs


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I will be taking your through many different income producing activities, of which direct-retail businesses are only one. Stay open to what is possible for you!