One door closes and another opens.

Most people agree with this common phrase. Still, it’s hard to embrace any positive outlook when you’re going through a major career disappointment or workplace catastrophe. I interviewed my Radical Forgiveness Coach, Lorree Appleby, about how to move past career missteps so you can fully step into your greatness at work. She covers what to do when you’re passed over for a promotion and how to handle toxic colleagues, amongst other nasty situations you may encounter on the job.

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Lorree Appleby is my Radical Living coach who held my hand through forgiveness. The experience was transformational. I subsequently released old victim stories that were holding me back. I improved relationships and became at peace with someone who caused me an enormous amount of stress and anxiety.

Radical Living is about living consciously:

  • knowing that we’re all connected,
  • knowing that our thoughts and feelings influence our results,
  • and knowing that things happen for a reason

There’s always an opportunity to learn and grow from every experience. But what about when…

  • you’re thrown under the bus by a colleague?
  • you’re dealing with someone at work is competitive and nasty?
  • you’re being bullied at work?

These experiences are holding you back from the success you’re meant to experience.

Lorree helps us identify patterns. Consider when in your life that you have experienced similar feelings? Such as…

  • Vulnerability
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Low Confidence
  • Fearful to Show Up as Yourself
  • Not Good Enough

I’ve worked with many women who experienced awful situations at work, or during their job search.

Lorree and I discuss how to use Radical Forgiveness when you’re:

  • passed over for promotion
  • not chosen for a job opportunity.

When situations like these arise, we tend to experience some ugly feelings. You may not like yourself for feeling them!

  • Envy/Jealousy
  • Insubordination
  • Resentment
  • Negative Judgement
  • Embarrassed
  • Lack/Scarcity Mentality
  • Shame and Guilt for feeling these emotions

What To Do

Forgiveness work helps us identify patterns so they can be healed. We can quickly learn to accept and love any part of ourselves that we are ashamed of. This type of work includes:

  • Loving and honouring yourself
  • Affirming your positive aspects and how far you’ve come
  • Eliminating negative dialogue and removing old stories by reframing them into a positive
  • Expressing gratitude and your higher self-worth

When you stop playing a victim role in your own life, you truly do take your power back. Then the richness of your life shows up in a big way. You start to attract in the experiences that are at that higher vibration.

If you’ve experienced a recent job loss, job search disappointment, poor performance review, a negative encounter with a leader, a direct report, or a colleague – consider trying Radical Forgiveness.

There’s something bigger around the corner and you’re meant to experience it. That’s why this has happened. Trust that the negative experience was something you’re supposed to have, as painful as it is, there’s massive growth on the other side.

Lorree says, “Embrace life as an adventure.”

What have you got to lose? If you’re stuck, why not explore the spiritual and energetic side of yourself and wake up to the results that you deserve.


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