Be willing to suck at something the first few times you try it.

Not every photo is going to turn out well! 

Repetition helps you turn those early failures into skill development and success over time.

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The magic of repetition will help you:

  1. Enhance Your Physical Fitness and Health
    • Better form and technique to master movements in a particular workout or sport – and to avoid injury!
    • Improved endurance so you can build your abilities in activities like running, hiking, spin class, weight lifting, yoga.
    • Sharper mind/body connection as your body just “knows” what to do when you call upon it to move into action.
  2. Build Your Professional Skills and Earn Recognition, New Opportunities, and More Money
    • Keep customizing your resume and cover letter for every application. Save the strong example write-ups so you can copy/paste in the future and save time.
    • Put yourself in a vulnerable position to learn a new skill that will help you at work: public speaking, leading others, etc.
  3. Make a Healthy Habit Part of Who You Are – It’s Your Identity
    • Incorporating a morning routine into your day.