It’s essential to network from a place of abundance.

The fourth Networking Fundamental in my four-part series is the most important one: adding value.

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Remember, you already have abundant resources within you to achieve your dreams. Most of your success comes from your mindset. Through your deliberate decision making you can move to higher-level thinking; then you really have limitless potential!

We understand that in networking, we must come from a place of wanting to help. So many of the women I talk with feel like they have nothing to offer. That’s simply not true

We are living in the Collaboration Economy, which essentially is a Relationship Economy. Customers buy when they feel trust and respect—which is developed through relationships.

Even if you’re not looking for customers, you still have to sell yourself! You become a highly valued candidate or employee when you are constantly adding value. Develop your helping skills by being a people connector and you will create a tremendous circulation of goodwill and social capital leading to an abundance of positive opportunities.

Never help from a “contracted,” quid pro quo kind of place. The attitude of you do something for me and I’ll do something for you is so gross. You have to give with your whole heart and zero expectation of anything in return. That’s when amazing things start to show up in your life—from places you’d never expect.

How can you add value when you feel you have nothing to offer? Here are five ways to offer value to a contact that all start with the letter I so they’re easier to remember:

  1. Introduction: ideally, it’s a beneficial connection for both parties.


  1. Information: a niche job board, a job search technique, a company that’s hiring


  1. Invitation: to an event…who can you bring to Connection Day on Nov 9th? 


  1. Idea: a new way of thinking or a suggestion for how someone can position themselves on LinkedIn, or anything that will deepen their learning or self-awareness


  1. Inspiration: share something you did that was incredibly meaningful to you. Tell them they have your support. Encourage them to go after their dreams

The easiest way to live abundantly, and to attract more abundance, is to be a connector. Connect good people to other good people. Contribute to the circulation that happens through positive relationship building. Don’t block the opportunity for others to engage in conversations. Build communities. If you can’t connect a person to another person, connect them to a resource or idea.

Decide right now that you’re a connector and begin to take on that identity. You will be incredibly valued by the people in your network and it’s the easiest way to leave everyone with the impression of increase.


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