If you are considering a career change, and especially if you’re on maternity leave, you’ll appreciate this interview.

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My client Natalia went from feeling floundering and anxious with no career path and an unfulfilling job. She created major momentum in her professional life once she understood her transferrable skills and how they fit with her passions.
Despite a number of job search setbacks, Natalia persevered by staying positive.
  • She was the second-place candidate more than once during the selection process.
  • She encountered discrimination because she was a mother.
  • She was laid off due to company restructuring after working in her new career for only 5 months.
Her career pivot resulted in:
  • A professional path she loves in Learning and Development.
  • A higher salary than she was making pre-baby.
  • A shorter commute and fewer draining hours.
  • A manager/mentor she is aligned with and a position in an organization that’s fits with her values.



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