You can get more than just physical wellbeing out of your exercise sessions! Use one of the three mental techniques from this episode during your next workout. You’ll learn to overcome obstacles, prepare for challenges, integrate your success from other areas of life, and imagine all that you desire. These mental games take your workout to the next level to help you live your fullest potential. 

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  1. Calm Mind / Calm Body

Stay in the moment to feel your body working through the exercises. You’ll harness the power of problem solving and creative idea generation when you can turn off your mental chatter. You’ll also get more out of the physical work when you notice how your body is feeling.

  • You get a deeper contraction in your muscles.
  • You move with a larger range of motion. You improve and enhance your physical abilities.
  • You also avoid injury when you’re present to only what you’re doing.

Try chanting to yourself: “Calm mind, calm body. Calm body, calm mind.”

  1. Mental Rehearsal

Practice how you’re going to deal with a future challenge, or how you’ll take action on something that scares you. Your preparation starts from the inside out and it begins with your thought processes. We think in pictures so see yourself going through the motions of success. Your posture, how you’re making eye contact, how you’re feeling at ease in your body. See yourself effortlessly taking action and feel the enjoyment of your success.

  1. Visualization

Imagination is such a gift. Use the power of visualization to imagine the amazing things you want for yourself.

What does this imagination exercise do?

If you have the thought or idea, that means it’s in your life’s path. You’re meant to experience it. Be open to allowing it. Notice the signs that it is time to pursue that vision. Take action and get support.

This imagination game also raises your positive vibration. Your higher level of energy will attract amazing opportunities, people, and situations that will contribute to your wellbeing and ultimately your vision that you’ve enjoyed imagining.

Don’t get hung up on the how. Just move your body and enjoy the dreaming, my friend.

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