What happens when your dream job is no longer lighting you up? 

I’ve been going through a lot of career confusion these last few months and I shut down a major part of my business as a result. I’ve also had countless clients experience the feelings of confusion, guilt, overwhelm, and anxiety that come with the realization that it’s time to pivot.

This episode takes you through the six stages of my own career pivot. I hope that by sharing them, you’ll find it easier to transition into your next dream job.

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My Six Stages of Career Pivot:

Stage 1: A sneaking feeling that something isn’t right about your current work situation.

Stage 2: Identity crisis. Don’t worry, you’re new path will soon become clear and you’ll feel like a better version of yourself.

Stage 3: Guilt and worry. Your decision may impact many others. Stay true to your heart. Your heart knows the way.

Stage 4: Reinvention. This is the fun part! If you feel called to do something completely different, lean into that. Explore and learn more to help you make your career decision.

Stage 5: Fear. This keeps coming back for me and I am using mindset tools to shift my thoughts to a more positive outlook.

Stage 6: Freedom! I have a light feeling that I haven’t experienced before. The shift in my business is feels right and I’m grateful for the opportunity to try something new (online fitness offering vs. a live / in-person service).

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