Photo by the beautiful Anna Sudyk

Last week I was a special guest at our local high school.


I spoke to two Career classes about my path to the job I have today. I framed the lecture around three “lessons” that I wanted to share with the students. While the lessons helped me immensely when I was a young adult, it’s only looking back on my career history that I can see the themes emerge. These three lessons still apply today. Listen for my most impactful career tips and watch the magic unfold as you activate them in your own career.


Listen to the Podcast


Three Tips for Career Fulfillment:


  1. Learn By Doing – try information interviews and asking for projects in your current job that build on the competencies you want to use in a new position
  2. Nurture Your Network – LinkedIn is awesome for this! Even a quick email or text goes a long way. Check in on someone when they come to mind…that’s your intuition telling you there’s a reason for you to connect!
  3. Ask for Help – a coach, a MasterMind group, a trusted colleague, a friend…we are more powerful when we’re supported by others. Give help and be ready to receive it as well (that’s often hard for moms!)


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I’m facilitating 30 minute workouts on Tuesdays, 6:15-6:45 am in this group. You can view the videos on your own time if you don’t catch the live sessions. I’m learning to express my positive intentions for your health and wellbeing through the camera! Thanks for helping me!