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Can you actually control your career trajectory? I used to think so. I know better now!


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We can plan with the best intentions while rolling with the circumstances that we’re faced with professionally, and have the journey we’re meant to have.

For example, you might experience:

• A downsizing
• A career pivot
• A family priority that takes you away from your professional identity for a period of time

In this podcast I share some inspiring client stories that relate to career planning and job search outcomes. Plus four crucial concepts for you to master that will help you thrive professionally, even when your career feels out of control.

Four Crucial Concepts for Career Planning:
1. Know what you want
2. Believe you’re going to get it
3. Prepare as best you can for the next career accomplishment (new job, promotion, pivot)
4. Detach from the outcome

Remember, we can only control our thoughts.

Your thoughts influence your feelings; your feelings influence your actions; your actions influence your results.

Deliberately choose your thoughts and choose to see the good in any situation.

If you’re struggling with negative thoughts about your career, please reach out so I can help you move in a more positive, directed way. You can book a complimentary coaching session by clicking here.