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Gratitude is a lifestyle choice that I formally embraced almost two years ago, and my commitment to gratitude continues to create tremendous positive results.

In this podcast you’ll learn how to establish a Gratitude Practice to support your career transition and enhance your professional wellbeing. Watch your job performance take off as you train your brain to stay in a place of appreciating everything! 

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Gratitude in Three Steps

Step 1:

Recognize that every situation can be good or bad. There’s polarity within every situation;that’s part of what makes life so interesting. We wouldn’t know how to enjoy the good stuff if we didn’t experience the bad stuff too.

A Gratitude Practice teaches you to change your perspective on your troubles.

Step 2:

Express gratitude for a goal in your life — before it even manifests. Think about this desired outcome in the present tense, as if it’s already happened.

Thinking or, better yet, writing out your appreciations for the things that you desire as if you already have themhelps you visualize the results you want. Athletes use visualization to win at their sport in their mind before it’s time to compete. This is a proven method of success!

When you express gratitude for future things in the present tense, with as much detail as possible, you’ll fuel your subconscious mind to behave as if you’ve already achieved your goal.

Ninety-six percent of our results come from our subconscious minds. You need repetition to reprogram your subconscious mind — if you’re looking to get different results. Gratitude exercises absolutely play a huge role in that process. I highly recommend a Gratitude Practice to train your brain towards the career success you desire.

Step 3:

Use gratitude to take your mind off things you’re worried about…

Tony Robbins says, “You can’t be fearful and grateful simultaneously.”

Using gratitude helps us stay in a positive mindset which attracts healthier thoughts and better feelings. It keeps us out of desperation, wanting, and neediness — which we know is not attractive.

Get into gratitude to allow the good stuff to flow into your life. When you’re living from a place of appreciation for what you already have in your life, and visualizing what you desire in a joyful, “wouldn’t that be nice,” kind of way, you offer no resistance to what you want.

What we focus on, grows. And we attract whatever we focus on. So start focussing on career abundance and wellbeing NOW.


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