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You can never outperform your self-image.

In this podcast I share two stories where my self-image was negative: not good enough, too fat, not skilled, not making friends, not connecting with people, not adding value.

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The first story is drawn from when I was 16. I wish I had the tools then that I have now to redirect my thinking to a more positive place. I really struggled unnecessarily and missed out on epic experiences as a result.

The second story is from last week. I used identity hacking to quickly shift from social, body, and performance anxiety while teaching fitness in Punta Cana. This technique allowed me to show up and lead with confidence. I saved myself from ruining my trip!

You can use identity hacking for daily life situations, to redirect anxious thoughts and negative feelings, and also to achieve your big goals.

How to start Identity Hacking:

Step 1:

Think about a goal you have.

Step 2:

Ask yourself: Who do I have to be to achieve this goal?

Consider people who are already successful with this goal. Try to analyze and imagine: What behaviours and thoughts help make them successful?

Step 3:

How can you incorporate those positive behaviours and thought patterns into your identity? Visualize yourself acting in those ways.

Step 4:

Repetitively picture yourself with your goal already achieved. Write out your affirmations. Say a mantra daily that fuels your new identity. Repetition is the magic fairy dust to subconscious reprogramming. Doing this inner work for 67 days—and using a visual reminder or checklist to stay on track—will root your new identity so that all your actions come from this place.

Remember, even difficult emotions and situations can contribute positively to our self-image. They provide growth and learning opportunities if you reflect on them and decide how you’d like to respond the next time. Identity hacking may not be easy—we’re shifting how we’ve seen ourselves and behaved for most of our lives! As you experience challenges in this journey, embrace the difficulties and be grateful for the growth it provides.


Sanctuary Cap Cana: resort in Punta Cana I taught fitness at last week

NRG2Go Fitness: agency I worked through to book my fitness teaching vacation

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Serpentine: a crystal that supports transformation

Becoming Still: Nadine Moffatt’s business. She’ll hook you up with Serpentine, essential oils, and other energy/spiritual techniques to support your identity shift

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