Create an authentic profile, one that will serve you well in networking, by first understanding your purpose.

It’s important to know your “Why”: what you exist for.

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I truly believe we are each on this earth for a reason. There is a path we’re each supposed to take. When we know what our purpose is at a deep level, our choices and behaviours become aligned with that higher sense of self. Life feels more fulfilling. More joyful.

When you know your “why” at your deepest core, you end up connecting with people who can support that—either by being a mentor, or receiving your gifts as clients, or through collaboration with people who have similar values.

Here are a few exercises to get you closer to defining your purpose. They’ll help you to create clear communication about what you want, making it easier for people in your network to help you!

Start by jotting down some ideas in your journal:

  1. Broadly speaking, what does a life well lived mean to you?
  2. In this moment,
    • Who do you help?
    • What do you shape?
    • What do you contribute to?

Your answers to these questions all contribute to your purpose—both from a holistic, life-well-lived perspective, and also right now, helping you to clarify what work you are meant to be doing to support that broad life view.

I’ll use myself as an example:

My purpose is to learn, and grow, and share as much as possible by connecting with people and actively contributing to communities.

Let’s break that down….

When I’m engaging with people, I ask a lot of questions. I’m deeply curious and when I ask people about themselves, I learn and grow.

I can then contextualize my learnings from these conversations into meaningful messages that I share with everyone I come into contact with. I love making connections between people, ideas, and resources, both in career development and in fitness—both of which contribute to a woman’s sense of confidence. And I am also passionate about community. This comes from enjoying the sense of belonging that I know most of us are looking for.


“Wouldn’t it be nice if…”

Use this technique to visualize the most positive outcome of any networking interaction you have. Write in your journal or think to yourself: wouldn’t it be nice if… [whatever you desire!]

For example, wouldn’t it be nice if,

  • I met the hiring manager for job that I would love, and be well suited for…
  • We had a strong connection and I easily communicated how I can help her team, using examples from my professional life…
  • She asked me to apply for a position that wasn’t yet posted…

Go into every interaction with an open mind and an open heart about the potential of that connection point—for both parties, in a mutually beneficial way.

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