When my twins were wee babies, I walked them for hours.

There were so many reasons why these walks felt good to me. The girls usually slept in the stroller so I could have some quiet time—and a much-needed mental break. I loved the feeling of being outside, especially in good weather. I never listened to music and podcasts weren’t yet invented (!) so I could appreciate the solitude I had.

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As a new mum, I felt very anxious and overwhelmed. These walks definitely grounded me, and I’m so grateful I found that outlet to help me through a challenging period.

Exercise continues to help me overcome obstacles. I have some of my best business ideas during my workouts! I find ways to work through personal and professional problems during and after my movement sessions.

Here are five techniques I recommend that will help you amplify the effects of exercise to create momentum and opportunity in other parts of your life.

  1. Detach from a weight-loss or body-shaping outcome

Move in a way that feels good. Try to release your thoughts about doing exercise for weight reduction or to tone your body. Move for the joy of movement! Accept your body as it is, and true transformation will occur.

  1. Tap into the meditative qualities of exercise

Noticing your breath and the heat in your body is very meditative. You’ll feel calmer and will reduce stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

I love the Core Breath I learned when I went through my own Ab Rehab through the Bellies Inc program.

  1. Exercise outdoors and enjoy some solitude

Take a break from technology and move your body outdoors while noticing the elements all around you. This will completely calm and open your mind!

  1. Show some gratitude

Demonstrate appreciation for what your body does for you. Feel the vitality and optimal health that flows through your body when you move. Notice how awesome and beautiful your body is, right now. Or, try using mantras that repetitively express your gratitude for your own good health—and for the health of your loved ones.

  1. Visualize your dreams as if they’ve already come true

Use your exercise time to see your goal as already accomplished. Feel how wonderful it is to have achieved that desired outcome. Exercise will amplify your creativity and imagination as you picture the things you want to manifest in your life.

Here’s what will happen when you begin using these five techniques to spark joy during your workouts:

  • You’ll enjoy a calm, clear mind. You’ll generate clarity to find solutions to the challenges you face in your life.
  • Creativity will flow.
  • Your happy endorphins will surge, helping you to feel better overall.
  • You’ll tap into what you want in your life and begin manifesting it through the visualization process.
  • Try jotting down the ideas that came to you after your workout, or your feelings. Journaling helps you internalize the changes you desire as you become that person subconsciously.
  • You’ll feel proud of doing something healthy for yourself. The magic comes when you connect the benefits of exercise to your mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Even 10 minutes does wonders.

  • Make it part of your morning routine. Try movements that use big muscle groups like squats, lunges, push-ups, burpees; a quick jolt of energy will carry you through the day.
  • Stretching will provide you with mental and physical agility. My good friend Teresa (and CFM Instructor) does 10 minutes of stretching daily. (Check out Teresa’s classes on Tuesday, like her new “Core, Stretch, Mindfulness” class starting mid-March.) I also love Essentrics videos on YouTube. (https://www.youtube.com/user/essentricsworkout)
  • Try taking the stairs at work, or get out for a midday walk.
  • Make exercise part of your commute.
  • Walk to and from school drop offs and pick ups—this afternoon walk was my reset button from a hectic work day.

Develop the identity of the fit person you are.

For me…

I am a woman who spends time outdoors every day being active. I am a runner who trains for running events. I am a cross country skier and golfer. I am a woman who lifts weights to feel and see my strength emerge. I love connecting with people, and myself, through dance.

Even if you don’t believe it yet—fake it. With repetition, you will take on this fitness identity, whatever it means for you.

Repetition is key; that’s how you instill this belief at a subconscious level. Your subconscious mind can only accept ideas, so keep telling yourself you are the woman who moves in effortless, joyful ways. Make yourself get to it, even for just minutes a day, and over time it  will become your way of life.

The connection between exercise and success throughout your life is an area I’m excited to explore in my new CareerFit Life Coaching program, starting this March.

This program incorporates professional growth, physical fitness, and mindset shifts to get you out of overwhelm and into actioning your inspired, fulfilling life. 

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