Meditation Makes Walking Even Better

Mitch Abrams is an interesting guy.

Beyond his role as a Radiologist he also engages people in music and art that fosters interconnectedness and mind/body/spirit wellbeing. Mitch is launching a social enterprise ( with a vision that supports mental health and youth initiatives both locally and globally.

While all of that is pretty cool, I may never have come across Dr. Mitch Abrams unless we were both randomly connected in a Mastermind Group my coach set up. He’s a key contributor to our Group, helping the rest of us to be more mindful and to tap into the spiritual side of our entrepreneurial journeys.

Mitch offered to share his techniques for tapping into the benefits of meditation while walking when I mentioned that our community is doing a Walking Challenge this month. It is perfect timing for the launch of and his own Challenge which you’ll learn about in the podcast, and read about below.

Listen to the Podcast

Try Meditative Walking – a Few Approaches:

  1. Notice Mother Nature. Hug a tree!
  2. Connect to your body and how it feels.
  3. Visualize what you want: your goals and desires. Consider how your passionate intention will help others. To give is to receive. Share your powerful energy and watch your dreams unfold.


  1. Awakening the spirit.
  2. Heat up the body, enhance circulation. Movement is medicine. (Reference to the Lancet article Mitch spoke about – streetcar drivers)
  3. Nurturing thoughts. Understanding yourself. Align your thoughts with healthy ways of living

To Start Meditative Walking:

All you need is intention to calm and open your mind. Take a few seconds to ground yourself with breathing. Noticing your breath focuses you on your inside state. Express gratitude for what your body does for you.

What I love the most about meditative walking is that it taps into an energy frequency that connects me to Mother Earth and the Universe. As Mitch says, “The mind is a muscle. The more you practice the easier it is to tap into meditation. You’ll appreciate how just a few moments will recharge your batteries.”

Learn More About the MeAwaken Movement: is a movement that aims to awaken your sense of self. To help people understand mental health and social divide. And to create a holistic energy exchange that promotes preventative health.

Download the Medicinal Mandala. It represents both Eastern and Western medicine. Colouring it shifts brainwaves that can create structural changes in your body. Colouring taps into a specific energy frequency that reduces inflammation.

Medicinal Arts – a Mindful Manual. Part of the Sales goes towards sending kids to Model United Nations conferences. A local meets global initiative.

The MeAwaken / Walk Challenge Booster Activity:

  • Colour one Medicinal Mandala a week and post on Instagram and tag @MeAwaken and @CareerFit_Mom. (Earn a booster ticket).
  • Take a pic of your Medicinal Mandala outdoors – while on your walk. (Earn an additional booster ticket).
  • If you’re not on Instagram you can email your Mandala pic to our Community Manager:

Try engaging in colouring with your kids. It feels so good to colour, right?!

Spreading our knowledge and awareness about Mitch’s Medicinal Mandala makes us practitioners of peace!

Listen to a song that Mitch wrote and recorded. It includes a Buddhist meditation mantra that you may enjoy hearing and saying to yourself.

On Fri. February 1st, 2019 I’ll draw for a a copy of Mitch’s book, Medicinal Arts – a Mindful Manual!

Remember participating in our Walk Challenge earns you raffle tickets. You get one for every 5000 steps you walk or for doing this booster activity: sharing a pic of you walking with your kids (or a child in your life, if you don’t have kids of your own!)

If you’d like a friend to join the CareerFit Mom Walk Challenge, please have them visit to join! The grand prize will be drawn Feb 1, 2019 (unlimited GroupFit classes between Feb 4 and Mar 10, 2019). We have ongoing registration so people can join anytime.