When my kids were little, walking and hiking were very annoying, frustrating experiences.

Unless I was by myself, of course!

I am so glad we kept trying.

Now my 12-year-old girls happily walk with me. They walk to and from school. When we go camping, they look forward to the adventures we have on our hikes.

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I don’t know if this will continue as they grow into their teenage years. I hope they’ll always enjoy walking with me and on their own. Walking is such an accessible form of activity and has numerous mental health benefits too.

Here’s how we eventually got them to stop complaining about how tired they were, how much their feet hurt, etc.

  1. Consistency – by continuing to take them out on walks and making hiking part of our family time (we also used treats when we had to!)
  2. Walking to and from school. I love that time with them because I learn more about their day. Things just come up more naturally – about school, their friends, their feelings.
  3. Meeting up with friends and walking to a park or fun activity.
  4. Walking and exploring the natural world. What my kids refer to as “rustic hiking”, I guess because there’s a high probability of getting dirty! Checking out the creek. Climbing to the top of a high hill to enjoy the view. Jumping off large fallen trees or rocks.
  5. As a family we used the Geocaching app to go on scavenger hunts. There’s always a reward to take from the hidden treasure and it’s fun to leave something behind for others.

Living in a walkable community certainly helped. Making walking part of what we love to do also helped.

I’d love to hear how you’re engaging your kids in walking.

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