Walking with a friend accomplishes two things you need at one time: activity and social time!

Whether you have committed regular walk with someone you love, or you meet up on an ad hoc basis, walking with a friend is incredibly meaningful.

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In this podcast I spoke with my friend Elisabeth Parsons, a Self-Care Coach and owner of Core Expectations. Elisabeth and I walk on an (almost) weekly basis. We coach each other through business challenges and opportunities. We also walk the golf course once a week as we’re in a women’s golf league together!

Our suggestions for making the most of your friendly walking time:

  • Schedule it and make it a regular commitment in your calendar
  • Reduce distractions – put your phone on Do Not Disturb
  • Be open to listening to your friend
  • Be willing to be coached, or to take feedback
  • Notice and reflect on your surroundings
  • Remind your friend of their brilliance!

One day in the forest, Elisabeth and I got a little bit lost. It was getting dark. We generated a lot of heat in our bodies by tromping through the snowy, hilly trail. Our attention was completely on conversation. Our discussion flowed all over and we didn’t notice exactly where we turned.

I never felt nervous because I was with Elisabeth. (And she had her phone to check gps on a map!)

I’m grateful to have her to walk with, and all my girlfriends that I move outdoors with: Lindsay, Annemarie, Julie, D’arcy, Joanne, Cara, Amie, Teresa….xoxoxo

Learn more about Elisabeth and Core Expectations

Walk Challenge Booster Activity: Go walking with someone from the CFM community or a friend outside of the community (invite her in!!) Share a photo of you together on your walk.

You can share your favourite walks via:

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Remember participating in our Walk Challenge earns you raffle tickets. You get one for every 5000 steps you walk or for doing this booster activity: sharing a walk with your friend.

If you’d like a friend to join the CareerFit Mom Walk Challenge, please have them visit www.careerfitmom.ca/walk to join! The grand prize will be drawn Feb 1, 2019 (unlimited GroupFit classes between Feb 4 and Mar 10, 2019). We have ongoing registration so people can join anytime.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful walking moments. We all benefit when you do so!