Look Up. Look Out.

I have a bad habit confession.

I sometimes read and respond to text messages while walking. This is so dangerous and I’m committing to eliminating this habit!

We are becoming less aware of what’s going on around us. Not only does this impact our safety, we also are missing the beauty of our surroundings. Taking notice is a wonderful way to be present in the moment.

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Myopia (short sightedness) is steadily increasing. We are mostly looking at things within 18” of us – like computer screens and other devices. We need to look far away to engage different muscle patterns, to relax and lengthen the eye muscles. (Thank you Katy Bowman for your education on this topic)

While you’re out walking start to look up. Look out as far as your eyes can see. Way into the horizon. Notice how your eyeballs feel!!

I have fantastic memories of things I’ve seen on walks…

  • A deer bounding across a field near my house
  • The peak of a trail we did at Lake Superior Provincial Park last summer
  • A male deer with big antlers in Taylor Creek ravine, in the mist of the early morning summer
  • Lots of bunnies scampering down the path
  • My kids walking to and from school along our street – both in Toronto and in small town Ontario where we live now
  • Vibrantly coloured birds, fields of wildflowers, uniquely shaped trees
  • The layers of sand, rock, trees, mountains and the Atlantic Ocean – all viewed while we visited an off-the-beaten path beach in Cape Breton Island
  • Once while walking in the bush near my childhood home, outside of Thunder Bay, a group of friends I came across large surfaces of ice amongst the thick trees. You couldn’t see any houses around us. We glided for hours on our boots and snowpant covered bottoms and knees. 

Always share special places. And always respect what others find beautiful about it!

Walk Challenge Booster Activity: Share a photo of something neat you saw on your walk.

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On Sat Jan 19th, 2019 I’ll draw for a Reiki session with Nadine Moffatt of Becoming Still.

Remember participating in our Walk Challenge earns you raffle tickets. You get one for every 5000 steps you walk or for doing this booster activity: sharing something beautiful and joyful from your walk.

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Thank you for sharing your beautiful walking moments. We all benefit when you do so!


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