Engage in your favourite way to ground yourself. Deep breathing. Body scan. Clearing your mind.

Then picture in your mind’s eye, a happy walking memory. Where were you?

In this episode I take you through a guided visualization exercise of different walking routes. I invite you to listen as you’re walking and notice what walking route comes to mind.

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Please share your walking route recommendation!

As this podcast airs the CareerFit Mom community is participating in a Walk Challenge (Jan 12 – Feb 1, 2019).

We are asking participants to share their favourite walks via:
• The Dancing in Wellbeing with CFM Facebook Group
• On Instagram – tag @careerfit_mom
• On Facebook – tag @careerfitmom
• Or you can email your recommendation to our Community Manager: carolyn@careerfitmom.ca

Even if you’re catching this episode after the Walk Challenge has finished, please continue sharing so we can build our list of amazing walking routes to inspire others to move outdoors.

For those of you participating in the Walk Challenge, this week’s prize is a 5-Class Pass to CareerFit Mom GroupFit classes in East Toronto. It is a raffle so you’ll earn a ticket for every 5000 steps you walk or for doing this booster activity: contributing your walk recommendation!

If you’d like to join the CareerFit Mom Walk Challenge, please visit www.careerfitmom.ca/walk to join! The grand prize will be drawn Feb 1, 2019 (unlimited GroupFit classes between Feb 4 and Mar 10, 2019). We have ongoing registration so join anytime.

Enjoy all the recommendations and thank you for sharing yours. It’s important!