2019 is going to be an epic year for me!

I’m focusing on keeping commitments to myself – one of which is taking a daily walk.

Practicing self-integrity with this easy and joyful walking practice will strengthen my integrity “muscle”. As I do this, I will watch other positive changes occur. Because I’m learning to keep the promises I make to myself, I can make those comittments harder and harder, allowing me to stretch into launching new programs and services this year. Walking is literally the first step to becoming a better version of me in 2019.

This episode shares the benefits I’ve experienced from a daily walk to inspire you to try this as well.

Listen to the Podcast

Also, we are offering a walking challenge Jan 12 to Feb 1 and you’re invited to participate! The upcoming podcasts will feature walking activities that are easy and fun. Listen and join the challenge – as you participate in our community of exercisers (you can walk anywhere!) you’ll be inspired to enhance your health through walking.

This is super accessible – and FREE. We have great prizes we’re drawing weekly! Learn more and join us at www.careerfitmom.ca/walk.

May You Know Joy Cards by Adrienne Ens