Restricting food led me to major mental and physical anguish over the years.

When I was diagnosed with an eating disorder in my mid-30’s I slowly came around to the benefits of not dieting! It’s been a major shift for me – in mindset, body acceptance, how I teach fitness and even market CareerFit Mom.

I’m not perfect and have a ways to go. I still find myself feeling drawn to new diets, or thinking I need to up my exercise intensity. Sometimes I struggle to focus on the health benefits of exercise instead of using fitness for a certain “look”.

Learning more about Intuitive Eating from Patti is exciting. Her lifestyle and mental state around food and exercise are calming.

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Patti introduced me to the 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating. She also provided a ton of resources if you are compelled to go deeper with this topic.

Adopting an intuitive approach to food and exercise could be the healthiest resolution you make for 2019!

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