Photo by Bernard Spragg – Public Domain Flickr

I have a confession to make.

I dumped old athletic clothes in the landfill for years – not even thinking about how long it will take for them to break down.

A good friend and member of the CareerFit Mom community, Lisa Martin, woke me up to the fast fashion industry and the broader implications of my buying behaviours. I never considered the impact of my purchasing decisions. There’s so much I’ve learned from speaking with her. She’s a designer and conscious stylist who has spent over twenty years in the fashion, design and film industries.

Up until recently, I shopped for price and perceived value. How my athletic wear performs is also important. I am a big fan of compression pants!

So yeah, my shopping was centred on my own needs and not the ‘big picture’. I’m now learning about how synthetic materials and my traditional laundry practices are actually unhealthy. Especially for the water (gross microfibres!).

It’s tricky because these are the clothes I wear to exercise…a part of my livelihood and a lifestyle that is good for me.

Now that I understand the irony between a healthy activity and the unhealthy nature of the tools we use to participate (!), I’ve asked Lisa to expand on the topic for all of our benefits.

Together we’ll bring our discussions online and into the CFM community with the hopes we can raise awareness around conscious activewear.

Through the upcoming months we’re doing a series of blog posts and podcasts about:

  • Clothing Maintenance & Techniques
  • Laundry Tools & Supplies
  • Alternatives to Synthetic Materials
  • …and Performance Reviews of Conscious Activewear Brands. (Yay, there will be some shopping!)

We’d love to hear from you! Please join the conversation by leaving a comment below. Have you found a conscious or ‘eco’ brand that you love? What does ‘Eco’ means for you? Do you have any concerns and questions we can address?

As Lisa writes, “Clothing is a powerful form of personal expression and social analysis: it negotiates between the intensely personal and the public, the inner and the outer. It can be a form of camouflage or disguise but it is always a disclosure of ourselves. Everyone has their role to play.”

My role is to learn about healthier alternatives for my sporty look and way of life. I’m taking action by making thoughtful purchasing decisions and taking better care of the stuff I already have. Along the way, I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned with the CareerFit Mom community so you can make informed decisions too.

This isn’t about judging or shaming – I’m not perfect, and I realize there’s a lot of information to distil. I’m excited with anticipation for my own personal growth and more in-depth understanding of the issues. It’s awesome to realize that sharing my lifestyle changes and thought patterns can shift the wellbeing of our bodies, and the planet.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!