Minerva used to cry on Sunday nights about the work week ahead.

With feelings of heaviness and dread, she knew there just had to be a more meaningful career for her.

By tapping into her intuition, leaving her ego out of the equation, and paying attention to intuitive signs she found a career full of love and light.

I met beautiful Minerva at an event for female entrepreneurs. I loved her energy from the moment we first interacted. She’s one of the calmest new moms I’ve ever met! She’s also a Spiritual Life Coach who is the visionary behind the business, Goddess of Wisdom.

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Spiritual Life Coaching helps you move forward like other types of coaching, and it goes deeper by uncovering your spiritual side. Spirituality in this case means returning to the vibration of love, especially self-love. More opens up when we release limiting beliefs. Minerva does the inner work with her clients to help them manifest what they desire in the external world.

Minerva went through a career transition, and during that time she received many “intuitive downloads”. She surrendered to her true gifts and rejected what her ego wanted her to be (an actor and professional dancer). I wanted to learn more about how she moved from her previous career to the path of Spiritual Life Coaching.

She relates how she used her intuition and her heart to find happiness in her career, as well as a few exercises that you can try to find your path.

Career Transition Exercise:
Wondering what your next career might be? Try asking your friends:
1. What do you thank me for?
2. What are my unique gifts?

Once you get that feedback, think more broadly about how you can use your gifts. The answers will come. Things will line up!

Career Transition Exercise:
Get clear on what you want, and don’t want, in your work.

Minerva knew she was fine with working at a desk for part of her workday, as long as it was in her home, in a space she has the freedom to move in and out of.

Career Transition Exercise:
Use your intuition to tap into what the universe knows you’re meant to be doing. Meditate on the question. Journal. Allow your mind to be quiet so the answers appear. Breathe.

Minerva’s Positive Mindset Routine:
1. Warm cup of tea

2. Yoga to connect with the breathe, and to her body

3. Meditation – on a particular feeling or phase she wants to release. YouTube has fantastic guided meditations on any topic.

Minerva’s YouTube channel has some great guided meditations too!

4. Sit quietly and reflect

I love Minerva’s “go-slow”, gentle attitude with her post-natal exercise rehabilitation. Bellies Iinc. (www.belliesinc.com) is the pre/post-natal fitness company that I recommended to her!

Gaia Yoga: https://www.gaia.com

Connect with Minerva and learn more about her practice, Goddess of Wisdom Spiritual Life Coaching. http://www.goddessofwisdom.ca

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