In this podcast I want to play around with The Compound Effect and how I’ve used it, or coached clients to use it, in career, fitness, and life choices.

The Compound Effect creates epic results if you stick with small, positive choices over time. It is training ourselves to see and enjoy the long term benefits of today’s actions. And, to avoid the traps of instant gratification.

Years ago I bought a book called The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. I started reading it and didn’t finish. I wonder what life would look like if I had studied that book every day for 60 days and put it’s principles into action?

Last week the Compound Effect principle came up again while I was listening to this podcast. (Thanks Brooke Castillo!) I listen to a lot of podcasts. I wonder what would happen if I put as much time into creating my own podcast as I do into listening…

This is the Compound Effect.

So, I’ve been percolating on what The Compound Effect means to me and how I’ve used it in the past.

Listen to the podcast…

What does life look and feel like when you direct your thoughts to this thing you want, the skill you want to learn, the person you want to be – every single day?

Here’s how I’m playing around with The Compound Effect:

My Career…(putting out content)
I’m a podcaster. I show up every week to record a podcast. Now I’m pondering, what does life look like when I let the podcaster I know I am, emerge. It looks like I jump in my closet, amongst my husband’s suits, and I record audio content. Without judgement or self-criticism. Without fear of what others may think about me. I do this for me and I have no expectations other than enjoying the creative process. Amateur that I am now, I know I will become really good at this if I keep going.

Over time, I will have a whole bunch of episodes that I am proud of. Maybe some of the content will help someone or bring a smile to someone’s face. Or inspire someone to grow in a positive way. I don’t even need to know when that connection for someone happens. I may never receive any feedback and that is ok.

My Health…(the food I eat and how I eat it)
What does life look and feel like when I feel full and satisfied by 8:00 pm at night? When I eat healthy, whole foods to fuel and nourish my body everyday? I make a choice to eat the sugary treat or not eat it. I can deliberately think about how I want to feel and connect deeply to my healthy identity that I create for me and no one else.

The Compound Effect is more powerful when I practice setting up thought patterns that are the healthiest for me. One little bit at a time.

I fuel my body with healthy, whole foods and I always feel satisfied.
I notice when I’m starting to feel full and take a pause from consuming food.

I know how difficult it is to stop eating Halloween treats and I don’t like how I feel after I eat them. So I turn that into a positive. Halloween is fun for the festivities and the traditions of creating and wearing costumes. I love participating in Halloween with my kids.

I identify with being fit, strong, and beautifully curvy. I practice that thought, which took me a long time and a lot of inner work to embrace. The thoughts allow me to make the choices that fulfill that destiny I’ve set out for myself.
– Moving because it feels joyful and empowering
– Eating intuitively to fuel that movement and nourish my soul

The Compound Effect of those two things: movement and eating in a way that serves me – will over time create the longevity and amazing health I desire. I want to be here for a long time. I have so much to offer the world and so much to experience. I am getting there, one little step at a time, and persevering when the I don’t feel like making healthy choices.

Are Choices Hard to Make?
When I unpack that I know it’s actually easy to make the healthy choice or to make the unhealthy choice. It’s just a choice. Either is easy when I deliberately choose and accept whatever choice I make. I do know that the commitment to the healthier choice becomes my normal when I embrace it as part of my identity.

Pick One Thing and Make It the Most Fun, Meaningful Thing to you in this Moment
…then watch it become your new normal!