Looking for a job is tough. But why couldn’t it be easier?

I believe you can harness your mental and emotional state, in combination with job search tactics, to manifest your dream job.

In this podcast I reveal 10 Mindset Shifts that are easy to implement and will get you way better results in your job search. I am seriously schooled in the practical job search tactics like resume writing, LinkedIn optimization, interviewing, etc. I also love to bring in the margin of magic that exists when we go after anything our heart’s desire. Because, why not? Manifesting feels way more joyful than grinding out applications that you never hear back from. So why not harness both the practical job search tactics and the spiritual piece?

You are deserving and worthy of your next position. Use these strategies and watch it unfold as it should.

1. Visualize – Deliberate Creation of the job you want for yourself.

2. Gratitude – For what you have now! Gratitude raises your positive energy, sets you up for success, attracts more of what you already have.

3. Do Fun First – To raise your vibrational frequency, boost your confidence, and get excited about what you do.

4. Know You Have Limitless Potential – You can pivot. You can change job functions or industries, and you can reinvent yourself. You may not know how you’ll get there and that’s ok. Creating a big and beautiful goal for yourself is the first step, and the other pieces will start to fall into place.

5. Seek Approval Only from Yourself – Generate belief that you are deserving and worthy, that all the resources you need are already within you, that you are the person in the ideal job already and now you’re going to watch her emerge.

6. Kick Comparison to the Curb – Compare and despair. Enough said.

7. Bless Others Who Have What You Desire – Eradicate jealousy. You are not pretty when you’re expressing jealousy!

8. Help Others Get What they Want

9. Systematize Your Inspired Action – For example, every single day you’re going to:

a. Visualize

b. Express Gratitude

c. Do the Fun Part of your Job Search First

d. Timeblock: on Mon/Wed/Fri lunch I do networking activities. On Tues/Thurs at lunch I research and apply for jobs. Saturday I will nurture my network via LinkedIn, email, or phone calls.

10. Allow the Process to Unfold As It Should – Desperation is unattractive. Allow yourself to have faith that the right job is around the corner, the reason you didn’t hear back from that application was because something better is coming.

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