Welcome to the wonderful world of exercising with a baby. Your workouts will never be the same again! And they should be different. Your body is healing as you rehabilitate after pregnancy and delivery.

You will gain so many additional benefits when exercising with other moms. For one, the social component is huge. Your instructor should facilitate a welcoming group atmosphere where you can bond with other moms who are experiencing the same challenges you are, as a new mom.

Some of the most frequently asked questions I get about the CareerFit Mom fitness classes for moms and their tots include:

  • When should I start working out again?
  • What if my baby is fussy or needs to eat during class?
  • What if I’m running late or can’t make a class?
  • Will I make new friends?

When I’m teaching my Mommy classes, I want the ladies to feel successful, strong, safe and well cared for. I want them to laugh; to meet someone they can go for a walk with later in the week; to be comfortable passing their baby off to me to hold!

Teaching Mom & Baby fitness isn’t easy and I’ve had over nine years to figure out the flow of the program, what movements are safe and how to facilitate the moms and their babies. Here’s what you should expect from your class so that you can have a great experience too….

Safety First…Workouts that Support your Post-Partum Rehabilitation:
The exercises the CareerFit Mom instructor team take our clients through are carefully planned so that we’re not compromising the core/pelvic floor. That means easy to follow (you’re sleep deprived, remember?!), low-impact cardio, teaching the Core Breath and using it throughout the exercises to engage the deep core muscles and pelvic floor. I want you to feel supported throughout your exercise – no peeing in your pants!

We’re not crunching, twisting, doing burpees, running, jumping, front planking, doing push-ups or V-Sits. I often plan circuits and interval training to keep the heart rate up without pounding on the pelvic floor…ham curls, knee lifts, squats, lunges, low kicks, a little bit of shadow boxing to burn up some mommy stress. A focus on back strengthening is key to support strong alignment, counteracting a mom’s weak posture from feeding and using a baby carrier.

Your instructor should be knowledgeable about diastasis recti and how a woman’s connective tissue in the core becomes stretched during pregnancy. I talk about the pelvic floor and vaginas at every single class! Your instructor should teach body awareness through the explanation of the breathing techniques you can practice at home. Most importantly, your instructor needs to give options and modifications that allow each woman to get what they need out of the workout. Everyone’s body is different, but education is power, so the instructor’s cueing and coaching needs to be precise and encouraging. That way, each participant can feel confident that the workout is working for her.

Get to Know Your Neighbours…Making New Friends in Class:
At the start of each new term we ask the moms to introduce themselves and their babies. They also share a little bit of personal information, which helps to bring the group together and form friendships. I typically start the term by asking the moms to tell us what street they live on. In future classes I’ll ask about their careers, where they were born, what parenting resource they love…anything to get them talking, sharing ideas and making connections.

I personally make it a mission to learn (and use) every single client’s first name. If I’ve had enough coffee, I can remember their babies’ name too!

Flexibility is Key…Because You Can’t Predict Your Day With an Infant:
Never worry about being late for class. That’s what I always tell my clients. I know how hard it is to get out of the house with a baby. Just find your way to class and join in at whatever point they’re at. You’ll feel better for having done at least a portion of the workout and for the chat you’ll have with the other moms later.

Mom & Baby classes are nicest when there’s a place to hang out afterwards. This is where those crucial friendships really take shape. Check to see if there’s a café or comfy room or park for you to linger in after your workout.

And if you can’t get to class…ensure you have options to do make-ups.

Your baby will cry during your workout class – that’s just the way it goes. Remember that no one else is affected and that the other moms and the instructor are sensitive to how you feel when your baby is fussy. We are biologically hard-wired to respond to our baby’s cries, but you should feel fine passing her off so that you can continue your exercises. We instructors are here to facilitate your workout and will help soothe baby the best we can. I personally love cuddling with your babies because mine are 12 years old now (!) and it’s hard to pick them up!

My hope is that you lay the foundation to be your strongest and healthiest self by taking a quality Mom & Baby fitness class. There are so many great options listed in the Baby and Me Fitness Directory.

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You may meet a new best friend, learn something about your body or find out about a sleep training solution that will change your life! You’ll feel happier which will make everything about being a new mom easier. Enjoy!