When Erika tagged along to her first CareerFit Mom class, she was initially just going to support a friend. But she immediately knew she would be back.

I did that first class and I knew this was the kind of environment I would be comfortable in,” she explains. “There was no judgment and many options for the various exercises.

Now three years later, this 49yearold mom is thrilled to be able to keep up with her 11yearold son, Nate

The first time I noticed how physically fit I was getting was when my family went cross country skiing. Normally I would feel anxious if I was alone while doing something strenuous, like skiing or hiking but I felt completely comfortable when I became separated from the group. It was a really big deal for me!

But the regular fitness routine hasn’t only improved Erika’s fitness levels. It has inspired me to take better care of myself overall, paying closer attention to the foods my family and I eat, not being afraid to try new activities and just simply able to do more.

I am stronger both mentally and physically,”

She’s feeling more confident and feeling good about herself, something that will help as she looks to transition careers, after being let go earlier this year after 17 years with the same company.”

“Beth’s career counselling was very helpful in organizing my career goals,” says Erika. “She has the gift of listening. Her HR experience and wellrounded knowledge of many different industries make her a valuable asset to anyone looking for guidance and direction regarding their career. 

I am looking forward to the future possibilities.