Meet Serra…

Serra was on mat leave with her first son, Ayden, when she decided to try a CareerFit Mom class in her neighbourhood. Nine years later, and now a mom of two boys, CFM has meant so much more to her than just getting fit.  

“The benefits are many,” she explains, “but at the top of the list would be meeting a great group of women and fellow moms.”  

The local classes mean it’s not unusual for Serra to run into other CFM moms in stores, restaurants or neighbourhood events. She feels part of a supportive community of women who understand her similar stage in life – “raising elementary school age children and balancing work with family.”   

“CFM is a community,” she says. “I am lucky to feel that sense of community and belonging – and to feel supported and not judged by other moms, to be able to ask advice and recommendations.”  

“It is about overall wellness, not just fitness. After class, I know I have done something good for myself which is good for me both mentally and physically. Joining has made me strong, supported and welcomed.”