Goal SheetThis is the first of a three part blog as I reflect on the words I chose to live by in the beginning of 2017.

It’s mid-December and we’re closing out the year. Before I choose 3 Words to Live By for 2018, I need to see how I embraced this year’s ideas into my goals and the way I live each day.

2017 was the second year I chose three words to live by. One of my early career mentors, Phil Buckley, shared on LinkedIn that he does this. Seemed like a fun idea, so I gave it try and I’ve found it to be very powerful. The original creator of the “My 3 Words” exercise is Chris Brogan.

My Three Words for 2017: Learn – Love – Share

I created goals that connected to those three words. In reflecting on my achievements over the last year, it’s been cool to think about how I integrated these three words into everything I do.

I’m playing around with what my three words will be for 2018…maybe something about growth. Definitely gratitude…because I’m so grateful for the people I interact with by doing the work I do!

Word to Live By #1 – LEARN:

I experienced so much learning in 2017, I don’t think I can capture it all!

In 2017 I collaborated with new companies that allowed me to learn and grow while helping others. I worked as a Recruiter and as a Career Advisor for two different companies, both on a part-time basis.

Learning what is relevant to hiring managers right now and participating in the recruitment process gives me better information to share with my career coaching clients who are in job search mode.

As a Career Advisor, I began helping a broader range of clients, including young adults figuring out their academic choices. (Great info I can use when my own daughters go through this process in the near future!) I became certified in a new career assessment tool. What I learned from my colleagues, who are psychologists, was phenomenal.

On the fitness side, I took Marc Lebert’s Foundation to Function  course and found new ways to use Equalizers and Buddy Systems in our classes.

Personally, I learned how to transition my kids from one community (East Toronto) into another (Uxbridge). I learned what it takes to buy and sell a house in a frantic market. And how to maintain ties with the people and places that shaped our first 10 years of parenthood while building connections where we live now.

Plus, I hired a coach and started on a path of personal development that continues to be transformational.

Up next, thinking about all the LOVE I gave and received during 2017! Stay tuned for my next post…