Personal Branding Tree

In early May I organized a social networking night for Toronto-based career women with my new friend, and personal stylist superstar, Erin Nadler.  The theme of our event was “Branding Your Best Self” from both a career development (me) and wardrobing (Erin) perspective.  I promised to share the resources I discussed that night, so here is the first of a multi-installment blog on how to create your personal brand.

What is personal branding and why does it matter?

I have a client who hasn’t updated her resume in over 10 years.  She’s a VP of Finance with a major organization so she’s regularly called by recruiters.  She has nothing documented to show all she’s accomplished.  Her LinkedIn profile is but a shell.  She says she feels “naked” without a proper resume and that feeling comes across when she’s talking to recruiters.  She sheepishly tells them she doesn’t have anything to send them that accurately chronicles her career history and the rest of the call falls flat.  Prior to working with me, my client hadn’t taken the time to reflect on her recent professional wins and therefore she couldn’t even explain them during a conversation with a recruiter.

This is why personal branding is important…

Essentially your personal brand is your reputation and how you convey yourself.  In order to cultivate your personal brand you need to find the language and the actions that showcase your unique, authentic self.  Through my upcoming blog posts I’m going to share ideas of how to convey your personal brand on your resume, LinkedIn profile and during your in-person conversations.

Determining your personal brand gives you the language you need make a positive impression on others and open doors to new opportunities all while increasing your confidence and positivity.  (Yay!)

There are three sources that you can draw upon to help find that language that describes brand.

1 – Your Strengths

2 – Your Values

3 – And What Motivates You

When you have a good understanding of what those things are, you’ll be able to explain not only your accomplishments but the kind of person you are.  Ta-Da!  Personal Branding in action!

Stay tuned for more tips and resources to help you uncover your strengths, values and motivators in my upcoming blog posts.