It’s well known that work/life balance is unattainable.  The concept totally sucks. How can “living the good life” mean that half the time I’m focused on my job while the other half I am taken up by everything else?

I can’t live in a compartmentalized life.

As an entrepreneur, mom of twins, wife, friend, volunteer and engaged community member, I wouldn’t be able to split “work” from “life” if I even tried! I know many of my clients feel the same. When I started thinking of work/life “balance” more like work/life “integration” the many facets that connect and overlap in my world felt more manageable.

Everything in our lives is connected and the way in which we feel about the various parts of our lives connects back to our self-image…good or bad.

For example…

When you’re nailing an important project at work you feel empowered, intelligent and confident. When you hate your toxic work environment and unfulfilling job you feel defeated, sad and hopeless.

When you’ve built a consistent workout routine you feel strong, fit and beautiful. When you put exercise on the backburner you feel sluggish, lazy and uncomfortable with your body.

Those feelings from just two parts of your life connect with how you carry yourself in the world. They contribute to how you handle things with your kids, partner and friends.

Fitness / Career / Parenting / Relationships all integrate into the communities I am part of – made up of my family, friends, my business, my kids’ school, my neighbourhood, etc. The super cool thing is all of those communities intersect too! That’s what I love about work/life integration as a practice, methodology or mantra…whatever you might call it.

What do you think? Does the concept of work/life “integration” resonate with you? I’d love to hear your comments.