Be Inspired By…Judy!

For Judy, it was a couple of things that turned this formerly-active mom into one who was spending more and more time on the sidelines. The discovery of a benign heart condition, combined with a busy family life, somehow grew into an excuse not to exercise.  Judy was ready to simply accept a more sedentary lifestyle when she first talked to Beth.


Judy and Beth started training, once a week, almost two years ago. It wasn’t long before Judy added one of Beth’s weekly exercise classes to the regimen. Now, she’s back on track with a full and changing line-up of activities that range from skiing to paddle-boarding.”I’d somehow got to a point where I was starting to believe that I had to accept a less active life,” says Judy. “But then I talked to Beth about personal training. She described how we could take things step by step.”

“I needed to get over a mental hurdle with regard to exercising,” says Judy. “With the personal training, Beth was part trainer, and part therapist too. She helped me to see myself as an active, healthy person. Now, I’m taking part in all our family activities, and eager to try new ones too.”