Ilana wasn’t looking for a personal trainer when she first heard about CareerFitMom. But, after seeing how fit her good friend was from Beth’s sessions, she decided to give her a call.

“When Beth came to the door I liked her immediately,” she remembers, adding, “I love Beth’s company and her support. She always points out the positive and motivates me to exercise more frequently.” And, because the sessions are planned Ilana doesn’t back out, so she also avoids feeling guilty about not exercising.

The stay at home mom, in her mid-40s, is focusing on staying fit and active.Ilana

“I see my in-laws, in their 80s, who are unable to walk far or take the stairs, and I don’t want to be in that situation. I know that happened gradually for them, so I thought I should pay attention now, in my mid-40s, to be sure to stay mobile and strong.”

Career Fit Mom helps her do just that… and so much more.