Just after Michelle’s daughter turned two, she signed up for a CareerFit Mom early morning GroupFit class. She has been taking CareerFit Mom classes ever since.

“My goals were to take time for myself and hang out with friends – Beth’s classes made perfect sense!,” she says. ““Morning GroupFit allows me to get a workout in before the kids wake up. I’ve been doing it twice a week for the past year. It’s an amazing way to start my day and kicks my metabolism into high gear.

Michelle also credits Beth’s “Learn to Run” class with helping her get back to pounding the pavement. With classes geared to all fitness levels, there is definitely something for everyone.

“She is a wonderful motivator and makes a sweaty workout fun,” she laughs. “You forget how hard you are working until you try to climb stairs the next day.”

And, says Michelle, Beth sets a great example of how a mom of twins can balance family life and work.

When she recently decided to return to work after staying home with her children, she turned to Beth to help her prep for an interview.

“I really wanted to land my dream job,” Michelle explains. “As I’d been out of the workforce for three years, Beth helped me focus my answers and highlight the skills I’d acquired in my new job as a mom.”

Best news – Michelle got that dream job!