For second-time mom, Tara, CareerFit Mom came along when she needed it most.

“I knew Beth from my mom’s group and had taken outdoor fitness classes. Then I found out my office was moving from its convenient, downtown location to the 905.”

Tara was overwhelmed and stressed out by the idea of commuting so far when she was also trying to adapt to life as a working mother of two kids (her daughter, then 4 years old, was also starting junior kindergarten at the same time). Not to mention, Tara felt uneasy being so far away from her baby, then one, who she would be dropping off at daycare for the first time.

“With easy access to drive thrus for breakfast and lunch when I didn’t feel I had time for any alternative, I put on a freshman 15,” she explains, adding that she called CareerFitMom for advice.

“Beth talked me through some options. We explored other career paths I could take and worked on my resume – I hadn’t needed one for so long the idea of even working on it was daunting! Additionally, she coached me on how to work with my management team to achieve the work/life balance I was looking for.”

And, Tara got the results she was looking for. With Beth’s encouragement, she was able to negotiate the changes she needed in her job to achieve balance instead of feeling trapped. And, with the help of Beth’s fitness classes, in less than six months, she was able to realign her time strategies and was able to lose the weight. She is feeling more energized and positive about herself.

“As Moms, we are busy, and it is challenging to carve out time for ourselves. CareerFitMom is a truly valuable organization that is ideal for Moms – for support, fitness, career advice. It all comes from a Mom who GETS IT.”