This year, I’m putting some new thinking behind my “resolutions”.

My approach is much easier to stick with than the usual restriction and deprivation behaviour that we move to in January.  The strategy is to Add In, instead of Cutting Out.

Instead of cutting out food groups (carbs, sugar, etc.) to lose weight, try making some healthy additions such as:

  • Adding a fruit or vegetable to every meal/snack
  • Adding in an extra workout
  • Adding in 8 glasses of water each day

I’ve had some career coaching clients who hate their jobs so much, they want to quit altogether.  If you feel like you’re at your wits end – DO NOT quit your job.  It is much harder to find a new role when you’re unemployed (sad, but true.)  To make a career change this year, find time to:

  • Add in reflection and thoughtfulness before your search starts.  What do you really want to do?
  • Add in networking to your weekly schedule
  • Add a mentor or influential person to your sphere of supporters

The Adding In strategy will greatly affect my 2012 goals and how I will achieve them.  I feel excited about making changes bit by bit; not overwhelmed by doing too much all at once.  This year, I want to be more mindful of the foods I eat and when I eat them, so I’m adding in time to really question (“Am I hungry or just bored, tired, stressed, etc.”) before putting food in my mouth.  I want my business to grow in new ways by appearing on t.v. so I’m adding in time to research, plan and implement my pitch to the local lifestyle shows.

What will you Add In this year?  I encourage you to go after your dreams for a fitter body and a fantastic career.  Let 2012 be your best year yet!