It’s resolution time!  For mom’s, fitness and career aspirations are top of the resolution list each January.  To really get traction on what you want this year, consider my top tips for fitness and career success.  They’re easy to put into place and will garner big results.

1. Dream Big but Be Specific:
what does success look and feel like for you?  First visualize yourself fitting into a smaller size and impressing your new colleagues with a big win at work.  Next, write down exactly what you want with a reasonable timeline to achieve it.  Include HOW you will be successful and WHAT you plan to do to ensure success.  For example:

  • I will lose five pounds by February 1st by eating smaller meals every 3-4 hours and working out 5 days a week for 30 minutes a session.
  • I will build my job search network with 50 new contacts by March 1st.  I will tell one friend/family member a week about my career aspirations and ask for an introduction to someone in their network who can help.  I will attend two industry events and follow up with important contacts afterwards.  I will expand my LinkedIn network by three people a week.

2. Get Organized: losing weight, exercising more, job hunting and networking all take planning.   Build in more time up front to figure out when you can do menu planning, fit in exercise, buy healthy groceries, dedicate an hour a day to job search and networking activities.  As you get used to these new activities, they will become a natural part of your everyday life – instead of a big struggle.

3. Talk it Out: finding a new job is often a numbers game – the more you speak positively about your search, the more it becomes top of mind for others and the more likely you are to get a crucial referral.  So when someone asks, “what’s new?” engage them in your goals by responding, “I’ve recently decided to make a career change and have had great success with networking.  Here’s the role I’m eager to do…do you know anyone who might be able to help me?”
The same goes for your fitness aspirations.  Talk to others about your plan to become more active, train for an event, etc.  You’ll receive tremendous support – and you’ll be an inspiration to others to become more fit too!

4. Balance Action with Rest:
plan to take a step towards your goal everyday, no matter how small – but also plan rest.  With physical activity, you need at least one day a week of pure rest to allow your muscles to recover.  You’ll actually see better results in your physique if you give yourself that day off and you’ll reduce your overall fatigue with your program.  With mental activity, it is smart to disengage for a day and enjoy where you’re at right now.  You’ll be less stressed about “not doing anything” if you plan to take those breaks.  Don’t get burnt out!  Both weight loss and job search are incredibly emotional experiences, so give yourself permission to relax and relieve the pressure you’re putting on yourself.

5. Enjoy the Journey!
shifting your career and changing your body take time.  You’ll learn new tools, lifestyle changes and a lot about yourself along the way.  There will be great successes and some pitfalls, but if you visualize your new body and career and the happiness those elements of your life bring you, you’ll be sure to accomplish what you’re seeking.  Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2011 – may all your hard work be rewarded!