Resistance Tubing Full Body Workout

No time for muscle conditioning workouts?  You can achieve great, quick results with a resistance tube!  This workout includes “multi-tasking” moves that hit multiple muscle groups at once, saving you time but maximizing calorie burn and building lean mass. Need a tube – check out the Smart Toner I use with my clients!

  • Warm-up for 5 minutes before starting the workout.
  • Do 10-15 reps of each move.  To make it easier: drop the tube as you get tired and finish moves without resistance.  To make it harder: tighten resistance on the tube, controlled by stretching it between hands/feet.  Add pulses & isometric holds.
  • Cool down and stretch for 5 minutes at the end of the workout.
  • Always consult your doctor before beginning an exercise program.

Squats: works legs & butt

  • Stand on middle of tube, feet hip width apart. Grasp handles
  • Bend knees as you push butt back (as if sitting in a chair)
  • As you return to standing, push R leg out to the side (foot flexed, push through heel). Alternate R & L side legs.  Try glute squeezes as you stand up too

Lunges w/ Bicep Curls: works legs, butt, arms

  • Stand on middle of tube in a lunge position, R leg front.
  • Lower into a lunge and grasping handles, lift arms into a bicep curl.  Release curl as you come up. Pulses!

Inner Thigh (Plié) Squats w/ Scapula Squeeze: works legs, upper back, shoulders

  • Wrap tube around from front, then cross at your back and grasp handles in each hand
  • Wide legged stance, pushing knees to back wall, lower into a squat
  • As you lower with legs, push arms straight out to the sides. As you straighten your knees, squeeze your shoulder blades together, bringing your arms in towards your body

Hamstring Curls & Balance Challenge: works back of the legs, core

  • Put one handle through the other handle to make a loop with the tube
  • Step into the loop with your R foot; tighten the loop slightly around your ankle. Step on the band with your L foot about 30 cm. from your ankle
  • Lift your R leg behind, squeezing glutes and extending from the hip. Balance on the L leg!
  • Lift your R foot towards your bum as you flex & extend your hamstring. Stand upright, keeping abs tight. Switch sides

Tricep Press & Balance Challenge: works back of the arm, core, legs

  • Holding both handles, balancing on L leg,  place middle of tube on top of R foot as it extends behind you (like ham curl)
  • Arms push up to beside your head; lower forearms behind as you stabilize upper arms beside your ears
  • Don’t forget to switch legs on 2nd set

Shoulder Shimmy: works deltoids, rotator cuff

  • Stand on middle of band, holding both handles, R arm 90 degree angle
  • Lift R arm laterally, aligning with shoulders
  • Rotate R arm up, so hand is near ear (goal post arms)
  • Lift R arm into an overhead press. *12 reps of each of the 3 moves

Chesty” Chicks: works pectorals, shoulders

  • Wrap tube around you from front & cross at back, grasping handles
  • Start on knees in upright position
  • Arms 90 degrees (goal post), bring elbows towards midline of body (fly)
  • Lower hands to shoulder height for, push/extend arms forwards (press)
  • Lower body to push-up position. *12 reps of each of the 3 moves

Superwoman: works upper back, shoulders

  • Lie on belly, put tube under belly; holding handles extend arms to side
  • Lift chest off floor, keeping head in neutral alignment
  • Push arms up overhead; hovering a few inches off the ground
  • Release, squeezing shoulder blades together

Leg & Opposite Arm Extension: works core, shoulders, legs

  • Put foot through tube handle while sitting on floor first
  • Position self on hands & knees on floor
  • Extend leg with tube around foot, hold onto opposite handle with opposite arm. Wrap around hand a few times for more resistance
  • Extend leg out behind while pushing arm forward in front, keeping hips squared and body aligned in a flat table top position
  • Switch sides

Abs – tube around feet

  • Push legs out, keep as low to floor as possible
  • As you bring your knees into chest, lift torso into a crunch