• Warm-up for 3 minutes before starting the workout.
  • Do 10-15 reps of each muscle conditioning move.
  • Move quickly to your cardio boosts between muscle conditioning moves to keep heart rate elevated.
  • Cool down and stretch for at least 3 minutes at the end of the workout.

1. Wall Squat: works legs

  • Arms in goalpost position, stand against wall
  • Walk legs out so you’re in a sitting position, pressing back against wall, knees bent at 90 degree angle
  • 30 sec. (option to add: lift R leg 30 sec. + lift L leg 30 sec. + 30 sec. both legs on floor)


2. Cardio Boost: Jumping Jacks (30-60 seconds)

3. Lunge & Power Glute Lift: works legs, glutes

  • R leg forward in lunge position, keeping knee at 90 degree angle over ankle
  • Lower into lunge, pulse at bottom x3 then push off front foot, extending back leg & squeezing glute
  • Lower back leg to floor and move back into low lunge/pulse • Complete R side then L


 4. Cardio Boost: Kick Bum Run (30-60 seconds)

 5. Push-up Series: works chest & cardio endurance

  • 8 push-ups + 30 sec. plank jacks
  • 8 push-ups + 30 sec. mountain climbers
  • 8 push-ups + 30 sec. squat thrusts


 6. Cardio Boost: Jump Twists (feet jump corner to corner while arms swing opp. way) (30-60 seconds)


 7. Side Tri Push-up: works back of arm

  • Lie on side, hips stacked, top arm 90 degree angle at chest height, pushing palm into floor
  • Bottom arm reaches under to hold top tricep
  • Push-up on bottom hand to lengthen arm and lift torso off floor. Release.  Do reps then switch sides.


 8. Cardio Boost: Knees Up (30-60 seconds)

 9. Inner Thigh Squat with Scapula Squeeze: works legs, upper back & shoulders

  • Wide stance, toes pointed out, push knees to back wall
  • Arms out to side
  • Bend knees, lowering into squat, bring arms into body, squeezing shoulder blades together
  • Release out of squat, moving arms back to side
  • 2 counts down & 2 counts up (option w/ tube or weights)


 10.  Cardio Boost: Frog Jumps – Inner thigh squat low, jump forward 2 x’s and back 2 x’s, staying low in squat.  Take off and land on balls of feet (30-60 seconds)


 11.  All 4’s Boost:  works arms, legs & core

  • Start on all 4’s, lift knees so shins off ground
  • Straighten legs as if moving into downward dog, while lifting R leg off ground & pushing up to ceiling
  • Head comes between arms and hips are lifting to the sky. Do reps and repeat L


 12.  Scissors: works core

  • Lie on back, hands under low back to support. Lift straight legs off ground a few inches
  • Alternate crossing feet at ankles and pushing legs out into wide V, while keeping legs straight & off ground


 13.  Bicycles: works abs – Lie on back, crunch knee into opposite shoulder.  L & R = 1 rep.


14.  Stretch