In our Weight Loss Group Fit session this week we talked about perfection – and how it isn’t possible! For healthy eating, the 80/20 rule is a good one to help you see results on the scale but not feel deprived.

Tracking your calories will help you budget for those small indulgences – one member eats a small Dove chocolate each day as it has only 1 Weight Watchers Point. Overall, consistent calorie-deficits will contribute to your weight loss. Create that deficit by eating smaller portions, choosing fruits and vegetables more often, staying away from processed foods. Don’t un-do all the hard work you’re putting into exercising. It is easy to think “Oh, I worked out hard today, I can eat this huge, calorie-laden treat!” If you consistently go overboard with what you’re eating, you won’t see progress on the scale, despite working out. Most experts agree that weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. There’s that 80/20 rule again!

To Try This Week:

Eat only while sitting down.  This can be tough, especially as moms we’re always rushing around and multi-tasking.  Eating at the table and looking at all the wonderful food you’re about to enjoy will help you feel satiated.  Give it a try for one day and see if it helps you stay mindful.

Weekly Challenge:  Frog Jumps!  Go and do 20 of them!