The most meaningful things are never quick and easy, but they end up being the most gratifying!

I want to inspire you to commit to your weight loss goals.  See success for yourself and visualize what that looks like, how your body, mind and soul will feel.  Anticipate your feeling of accomplishment as you see the scale drop each week.

It will be tough, but you can do it!  You’ll have to focus each day and push past mental and physical discomfort.  Know in your heart that you really want to make these changes and you can overcome any obstacle.  Be prepared for small setbacks, because we all know that Life Happens.  You may be faced with unbeatable cravings, you or your kids could catch the flu and suddlenly you can’t make your workout.  If the weight doesn’t budge one week, don’t give up – just start back up again with renewed vigour.

To Try This Week: tracking your food.  Studies show that people have more success with weight loss when they log what they’re eating.  It will keep you accountable and show you where you need to make changes – scaling back portions or adding more fruits and vegetables, for example.  Write down what you eat and when, as well as any exercise you do each day.  Some tracking techniques:

  • Use a notebook you can take with you or an online system that provides more info (nutritional breakdown of food and approximate calories consumed through different types of exercise)
  • The Weight Watchers Points program is easy to follow and gives you a guideline of your points “budget” for the day so you know exactly how much you can eat in order to lose weight.  I’ve had great success following the Points program, as have many of my clients.  They also have a paid subscription-based online food diary.
  • My Plate on is a free online food diary.  After you’ve used it a few times, it starts to remember the foods you eat a lot and it becomes faster to click and add them to your daily log.  You can easily add custom foods/meals and the database is full of every product imaginable (Supperworks entrees!  President’s Choice!)  It also has an exercise tracker, graphs and a water counter.  One of my clients downloads her tracking into excel and emails it to me to help her stay on track.
  • is a free food and exercise log that is produced by the Dieticians of Canada.
  • is a subscription based log that another one of my clients loves.  It costs $9 US/month.
  • is a complete program including shakes, supplements and a armband (like a Body Bugg that they use on the Biggest Loser TV show) that tracks your calorie expenditure.
  • A heart rate monitor is great to help you track how many calories you burn during your workouts.  I love my Polar monitor.

Other Tips Discussed at today’s Weight Loss Group Fit Session:

  • Doing workout videos at home is very convenient if you’re finding it hard to get out of the house to exercise (baby’s sleep schedule, picking up older kids from pre-school, etc., etc.!)  You can borrow them for free from the Toronto Public Library – go to and search for fitness videos, place them on hold and they’ll call you when they come in.  You can also borrow and swap with friends or check used stores for older titles.  I love Jillian Michaels’ “30 Day Shred” video because it has 3 different 25 minute workouts.  They’re intense, but you don’t have to spend an hour exercising and you get great results. sells them for as low as $9.99.
  • You can do my Fitness In A Flash 20-minute workout on your computer – click here!
  • Rogers on Demand has some free videos – yoga was suggested.
  • Eating voluminous foods that are low in calories will help you fill up.  Try cabbage (make a slaw with a little light dressing/mustard/chopped apple/sprinkle of raisins/seeds), soup (Today’s Menu on Gerrard, Knorr and PC Blue Menu were recommended) Chili (PC Blue Menu brand is good).  Drink water before every meal and snack.

Weekly Challenge: Mountain Climbers – 30 seconds everyday

See you next Tuesday morning (6:30-7:30 am) for the Weight Loss Group Fit session: weigh-in, group meeting and 30 minute power workout!  Now go do your Weekly Challenge!