Transitioning to motherhood can be so overwhelming. 

For Shannon, finding time to exercise was a priority, despite the changes she was facing as a new mom. 

Shannon - Mom of the Month

Shannon - Mom of the Month

Shannon joined my Stroller Group Fit classes this past summer and loved how the class eased her back into exercise after giving birth to her daughter in April.   “It is great that the workout varies from week to week so I never get bored.  I also appreciate that I’ve met other moms in my neighbourhood,” she says.  “The drop-in approach with Class Passes makes it easy to attend when I can.”  She is definitely a regular attendee – Shannon even brought her mom and a friend (who live out of town) to the Stroller Group Fit class to join her in her weekly sweat session!

Finding a fitness pro who is sensitive to the needs of post-partum women was important to Shannon. Taking into consideration a new mom’s pelvic wall strength, possible abdominal separation (diastasis recti), hormonal shifts and sleep deprivation – fitness needs to be modified for a range of abilities.  Says Shannon, “I went to one mom & baby fitness class where they did so many quad exercises on my first day that I could honestly barely make it down the stairs with my daughter for the next couple of days.   She was so new and tricky to carry then that I was scared to walk down the stairs on a good day with her!”  Returning to gentle exercise and then continually increasing your efforts as you get stronger is a healthy way to shed baby fat and return to pre-pregnancy weight.

I really respect Shannon’s ability to try new things and take on new challenges.  When I recommended a push-up program to my participants, Shannon quickly signed herself (and her husband!) up.  It wasn’t long before she was pumping out more and more push-ups, reaching an all-time high of 25 full push-ups in a row.  Shannon also committed to doing my Weekly Challenge moves, incorporating tough exercises like Wall Squats and Tricep Dips into her at-home routine.  She even managed to fit in my 20-minute “Fitness in a Flash” workout over the holidays!

“Beth is really good at incorporating exercises that can be modified which made it more comfortable to ease back into exercising at first.  Now I can make the exercises more challenging since my fitness has steadily improved,” Shannon says.

Shannon’s arms are looking really buff and she has toned up all over.  She gained 45 pounds during pregnancy and lost the first 20 fairly quickly after her daughter was born.  She has worked hard to lose an additional 13 pounds since the fall.  Shannon will be joining my Weight Loss Program on Tuesday mornings to help keep her on track to lose the final few pounds.  The Weight Loss Program includes a weigh-in, group meeting and 30-minute power workout.  As Shannon says, “this is just what I need at this stage post-partum!”

“Beth’s approach to fitness and style of instructing has made working out with a baby very easy and enjoyable.  I love going to Career Fit Mom exercise classes during the day; it feels like a total luxury.  This is the life I would love to continue living if I didn’t have to go back to work after my maternity leave!”

I’m so happy to have Shannon and her daughter at my classes each week and I look forward to her participating in my early morning and evening classes when she heads back to work.  Her commitment to exercise and enthusiasm is motivating and encouraging for all new moms!