Have you ever stepped on the scale and wondered how your weight crept up seemingly overnight? 

For Juli, a regular participant in my Group Fit classes, it was a wake up call when she realized she’d regained almost all the weight she’d lost after her pregnancy.  She was getting close to being back up to her pre-natal weight and her daughter was now two years old. 

“It was 18 months of not being mindful,” says Juli.  “I had a lot going on in my life, including trying to get pregnant again with baby number two.  I was only working out once per week (at MumNet) and was eating a lot more treats than usual.” Juli Langhorne Nov 25 2009_full hot body_resized

Juli hit the brakes and re-set her attitude this summer.  She’s still trying to get pregnant, but decided to take action on her weight loss now.  Her renewed focus on her health includes a revamped fitness routine with lots of cross-training at Group Fit classes.  Because the workouts change every week, Juli is challenging her body in new ways.  This method keeps her body guessing to avoid weight loss plateaus. 

Juli was a regular throughout the fall at my outdoor sessions and is now participating in the Early Riser’s Group Fit class.  “I love the flexibility of the pass system, so I can attend classes when it is convenient for me”, she says.  “Getting my workout done first thing in the morning is a real gift – I walk around the rest of the day feeling like I’ve accomplished so much!”  Juli even drops-in to the Baby & Mom Group Fit class on Wednesday afternoons when her daughter is in pre-school.  “Beth modifies the workout for me so I can get a good sweat, even without a baby carrier.  Plus, I love being around all the new moms and their little ones.”

Regular exercise and tracking her meals using the Weight Watchers method has helped Juli lose 25 pounds.  She is keeping momentum on her weight loss objective by setting mini-goals and keeping a positive mindset.  While she is extremely busy with her three year old daughter, her husband and her business as a skincare and nutrition consultant, she is aware of her own self-care needs.  “Scheduling my workouts into my calendar helps me create time for exercise and I’m less likely to blow it off when I get overwhelmed by my ‘to do’ list,” says Juli.

“The group dynamic in the classes is incredibly powerful.  The women I’ve met through Beth’s classes are really encouraging.  We share our stories, tips and lots of laughs,” remarks Juli.  She feels an extra push of accountability to attend Group Fit classes because the other participants are expecting her!

As women and mothJuli Langhorne Nov 25 2009_thumbs up_resizeders we have so many demands on our time and energy.  I believe that by giving back to yourself through exercise, nutrition and goal setting, is so important.  When we’re working towards something, we’re self-improving, getting stronger and healthier.  That gives us more to share with our families, co-workers, friends and neighbours.  Juli’s new mantra pretty much sums it up: “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better!”  Keep it up, Juli!  Your positive energy is inspirational!