How a Busy Mom Lost Weight through Personal Training with Career Fit Mom

Nancy’s two children arrived in quick succession (16 months apart) and her days are hectic, to say the least.  Juggling the constant demands of nap times, meal preparation and infant and toddler activities gives Nancy very little time for herself.

Nancy Before

Nancy Before

Nancy After - 11 lbs. lost in 7 weeks!

Nancy After - 11 lbs. lost in 7 weeks!

When we started working together, it had been almost a year since the birth of Nancy’s youngest and she was frustrated that she still hadn’t lost any of the weight gained during her two pregnancies. 

“I thought breastfeeding would help take the weight off but I still haven’t lost a pound!” she told me during our initial meeting. 


Nancy was motivated to get her pre-baby body back, but was overwhelmed at the thought of trying to find time for fitness during her hectic days.

By learning more about her fitness preferences and goals, as well as her family’s routine, I was able to develop realistic strategies to help Nancy find the time she needed for workouts and become more aware of how her eating patterns had changed since becoming a mom.

Weekly, in-person training sessions also helped Nancy commit to a new level of fitness.

Knowing that one of Nancy’s goals was to have noticeable results in a short amount of time, her workouts incorporated short cardio boosts with muscle conditioning moves.

“Beth’s workout was tough at first,” says Nancy.  “She really pushed me out of my comfort zone and I didn’t think I was physically capable of working out at that level.” 

It wasn’t long, though, before Nancy’s stamina increased, the weight started coming off and she noticed her body changing.  Lean, toned muscles were developing that she hadn’t seen in years.

In only seven weeks, Nancy lost 11 pounds, dropped her body fat composition and a total of five inches off her frame, while still eating healthy portions and a well-balanced diet.  Her body confidence improved and she’s proud of the changes she’s made through healthy eating and exercise – despite the chaos in her life. 

“Dealing with working from home, two little ones under 2 and a half, as well as trying to organize a cross-country move was stressful, to say the least. The best part was that I didn’t feel like I was sacrificing the foods I love or dieting. With everything that was going on, I don’t think I could’ve gotten back on track with my fitness without Beth’s help!”

I’m so proud of Nancy for her achievements. And now that she has moved, I’m excited that we can still work together as part of my virtual training service.  Her workouts incorporate online video clips that demonstrate each exercise and our weekly video calls help continue Nancy’s weight-loss momentum.

What does Nancy think of the new arrangement? 

“It’s great that even though I moved to a different city, I still get to work with Beth to set and achieve realistic goals for my healthy lifestyle. Beth is unique because she’s not only a great trainer, she also understands what it’s like to be a very busy mom and have insane demands on your time. It’s not easy to find that kind of support, especially with such a constantly positive attitude.”

With her ongoing commitment to self-care and healthy diet and exercise regimen I’m confident that Nancy will reach her goal weight.

Way to go, Nancy!