Write it down…get clear on your goals, start taking action, get results! (Sept. 21, 2009)

Want to make changes in your career but feeling overwhelmed by where to start? You need small, actionable goals to do each week to move you towards new role.

Step 1: make a list of all the ADVANTAGES of taking on something new in your career – how you benefit professionally, emotionally, financially, etc.

Ie) “If I changed jobs, I would finally be challenged and excited by what I do” or “If I switched jobs, I could potentially make more money.”  There are many, many ADVANTAGES to consider.  Each benefit will be very personal, so don’t hold back.  This is a list for you and you only; any reason is valid and it will be more powerful if your ADVANTAGES come from the heart.

Whenever you’re feeling low or unmotivated to keep plugging away on your job search, refer to your ADVANTAGES list to get revved up again!

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